Sunday, August 21, 2011

So This Is A Normal Sunday

Not biking for 7 hours today left me a loss of what to do. Especially because I had to spend a lot of time sitting on an ice pack.

I watched a few bad movies.

I looked at all the stuff I should have put away, and didn't.

I thought about cleaning...

But the day started off with my core work. Then to the Dupont farmers market with Diane. Man, that has really grown in size! I came back and rested, then made some lunch. And rested. Then headed to the gym to hop on the treadmill for an hour. Not running, just a nice speed walk. Then more time on the ice pack. And some cooking.

And back to sitting with an ice pack. Is this what non Ironman training people do on the weekend? With the exception of the sitting on an ice pack? I have to admit, it was kind of nice. But I would have rather been on my bike...

Oh, and PT tomorrow morning!

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