Tuesday, August 23, 2011

That Was Scary

So, in case you were under a rock - a rock that didn't move, we had a little earthquake this afternoon. I have to admit, I did not react well. See my second day of work, when I was 22 and fresh off the boat from the midwest, was September 11, 2001. As a result, my pulse raises a bit when I hear a helicopter, any type of loud bang, and when the windows of in my fourth floor office suite start to rattle. I was very freaked out, thinking it was the worst. We all evacuated the building and it was rumored, and confirmed, it was an earthquake, 5.8. Now I can say I have been through an earthquake. Something I would have been just fine not saying...

After figuring out what to do, a bunch of us just walked around. I eventually made it home and relaxed on the couch. The entire days events shook me (ha) and I just needed to relax. But facebook lightened my mood and if I may quote Sandy without her permission "I don't know how Californians do it. I couldn't remember if I should get into the bathtub or under a table. Instead, I went to secure the wine rack/glasses. I think I need to reevaluate my emergency protocol."

I then realized I needed to tackle my next fear - the bike. I SSSSOOOOO wanted it to feel good, or at least normal. While I can't say that was true, I can say I wasn't in a lot of pain. I have to remember that I couldn't walk on Thursday, my muscles are pretty f'ed up right now, and it's going to take time. And more than 5 days. But hopefully less than 19.

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